My Story

In 2016, I was finishing the final two semesters to earn my degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Mexico. I was a decent student, but I wasn’t really passionate about most of the subjects I was studying and the things I was doing for work.

Around the middle of the year, I listened to a podcast about bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the best educators on the subject in the world. I had heard about bitcoin before, but never really took it seriously. That podcast with Andreas changed everything.

I began sitting in the back of my classes so that I could read articles or listen to other podcasts about bitcoin, and my curiosity about it only grew as I learned more. I spent a few weeks watching the price as it gradually climbed to $600, and then I decided it was time to buy some.

Continuous learning about bitcoin became a regular part of my life after that, but I still planned to work as a mechanical engineer. After graduating, however, I began to feel a strong sense of dread about starting my professional engineering career. I wanted to be passionate about it, I really did. But the prospect of working a corporate 9-5 job and doing the “safe” thing started to feel like a sure path to unhappiness.

So I made a rather reckless decision, and I moved to China in early 2017 with the goal of learning Chinese and leveraging that to expand my professional prospects. It turned out that I was overly ambitious about how quickly I could learn Chinese though, and after a couple of months there I had no income and my savings were running out. That’s when I decided to get on Upwork and try to make some money to pay my bills as a freelance writer.

Around the same time, bitcoin’s price had been accelerating upwards, and my knowledge about it was suddenly in high demand. I quickly found clients in the cryptocurrency space, and I was working nearly full-time as a cryptocurrency writer by the end of that year. Not only was I passionate about my work, but I had also achieved one of my biggest goals: location independence. I had clients spread all over the world, and I could work from anywhere with an internet connection.

I traveled around and lived in a few different cities in 2018, but I found that this “digital nomad” lifestyle was lacking the social stability I wanted. So in early 2019 when a close friend of mine moved to Prague, I decided to join him there and make it a long-term home base. What I didn’t know at the time was that Prague is one of the most important cities in the world for bitcoin development.

A few weeks after moving, I was browsing reddit and I commented on a post on the r/Prague subreddit where somebody asked about the cryptocurrency scene there, saying that I had just moved to Prague but I was working as a writer in crypto for nearly 2 years already. I then received a DM from somebody who informed me of an open position at Braiins, a bitcoin mining company in Prague. The mechanical engineer in me had always found bitcoin mining to be the most interesting sector of the industry, so I was excited.

I’ve now been working at Braiins for the past 2 years, gaining expertise on both the technical and business aspects of the mining sector. Meanwhile, I’ve continued sharing my knowledge about bitcoin with everybody who shows interest. I’ve helped dozens of friends to get a grasp on bitcoin, and my writing has been seen by hundreds of thousands more.

My journey down the bitcoin rabbit hole has been one of the most rewarding things in my life, and it’s about so much more than just money. Bitcoin is anti-authoritarian, anti-corruption, and pro-human rights. It’s an unhackable global monetary network built on open-source software that’s running on tens of thousands of computers spread all around the world. A currency backed by math, not by military might. And a peaceful protest against a system that’s failing just about everybody except the politicians that run it and the corporations that “influence” them.

Bitcoin fixes a lot of problems and injustices with the world we live in today. I’m dedicated to helping it succeed and to helping as many people as I can to understand it along the way.