The bitcoin

A monetary (r)evolution

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been the best performing financial asset in the world for 8 of the past 10 years. It’s a “bubble” that’s already popped several times, only to come back even bigger a few years later. And it’s also the most revolutionary innovation in human society since the internet.

The thing is, learning how it works is very complicated. Bitcoin involves cryptography, economics, and this new “blockchain” idea that almost requires a computer science education to fully understand.  I’m not here to give you a computer science lesson, though. In fact, I’m not going to teach you about blockchains and “crypto” much at all. I’m simply here to answer a question that I’ve been asked too many times to count in the past several years, and that I’m no doubt going to be asked countless times in the future too.

Yep, I’m going to tell you whether or not it’s a good time to buy bitcoin. And since I have no idea when you’ll be reading this or what the daily events surrounding bitcoin will be, I had to write an ebook that covers the topic deeply enough to be relevant in a wide range of possible scenarios. That’s exactly what I’ve done.

My goal with this ebook is to help you understand what Bitcoiners refer to as Number Go Up technology. How bitcoin went from a value less than $0.01 in 2009 to whatever crazy high amount it is when you’re reading this, and what could be in store for the future.

And if you’re wondering why you should listen to me, well you probably shouldn’t. I’m just a nerd who’s been obsessed with fake internet money for years. I’m probably crazy...


August 2017

Oh that? Doesn’t mean anything.

Bitcoin was new and cool for most people, and this was months before the euphoria that would send price skyrocketing to $20k at the end of 2017. Those were the good days, the easy days.
Of course, that 2017 price pump was unsustainable, and it was followed by a ~85% price dump in 2018. The media pronounced bitcoin dead, and most people forgot about it. As for me...


What's that famous Warren Buffet quote?

“Be fearful when others are greedy.
Be greedy when others are fearful.”

- Warren Buffet
I kept talking about fake internet money.
But bitcoin didn’t actually bottom until it reached $3,200 on December 16th of 2018 — 26 days and $1400 lower than when I posted.
Not that accurate, really.

Hmm, that Instagram story
from April.

Well, I suppose that one situation worked out exactly as I expected it would. Everybody gets lucky sometimes. Anyway, you should probably just listen to all the people saying bitcoin is too risky or it’s another bubble. They have a pretty good track record.

But in case you think all the critics and skeptics might be misinformed and unimaginative, with no capacity to envision a system that’s radically different from the current one... well then you might want to read my ebook. I just wrote some more random stuff like in those Instagram posts, but who knows... I could get lucky again. Want to find out?

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